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A business tech article I wrote for Vistage Connect (I created the image, too!)

As a professional writer, editor, and content manager, I’m proud to say that versatility is one of my key strengths. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in many fields — health care, PR, online gaming, and business executive coaching, just to name a few.

But perhaps the most instructive and illuminating period of my career was the two years I spent writing for Aplus.Net Internet Services, an online business solutions provider and web hosting company launched in San Diego and now based in Kansas.

From the spring of 2006 to the spring of 2008, I was Aplus.Net’s sole writer, creating all the company’s web and print content, as well as writing and producing all press releases and (mostly) managing all PR efforts. I also produced all other copy and content as needed, including writing sales support materials and customer newsletters, creating the company’s corporate style guide, and assisting executives with official correspondence.

Writing all that technology content meant learning a lot about IT. Aplus.Net offered technology and Internet solutions to businesses and consumers, so that meant I had to write authoritatively on technology from B2B (business-to-business) and B2C  (business-to-consumer) perspectives. Those are two different audiences, requiring two different types of writing.

What are the most important points a client wants to know about your data center? What are the specs that set one dedicated server apart from another? If you’re writing on the topic of IT, you better learn how to answer those questions. And learn I did.

Ultimately, I excelled at the position, and departed only because the company moved from California to Kansas. At first, I moved with them, but only temporarily; ultimately I had to return to the West Coast. (I blogged for the company as a freelancer for a while after I left, too, and still hold my ex-colleagues there in the highest regard.)

My accomplishments for Aplus.Net went beyond writing. I also spearheaded a rebranding of the company’s dedicated server offerings to a more common-sense, consumer-friendly naming scheme. ”The strategy of replacing existing plan names with more straightforward identifiers is intended to simplify the selection process for consumers, while making the plans themselves better focused and easier to understand,” I wrote in a press release at the time.

“As with our efforts in rebranding our shared hosting services last month, we’re taking the necessary steps to ensure that our consumers understand exactly what they’re getting when they shop for an Aplus.Net dedicated server,” said Ryan Elledge, the company’s COO, in that same press release. “That means more clearly defining the way our servers are named, categorized, and presented on our website.”

Okay, enough talk. Here are some of the more technology-focused web pages and press releases I produced for Aplus.Net:

Since I moved on from Aplus.Net, I’ve written on the topic of IT and technology for other clients, too. I spent six months as associate web editor for Vistage International, Inc., where I wrote for CEOs and executives. And, of course, that’s a market that’s interested in IT. Check out these articles I wrote for Vistage:

Bottom line: I’m more than comfortable with technology as a consumer, and knowledgeable about it as a professional. And if you or your company need content that can speak informatively and persuasively to an audience interested in technology, I certainly have a track record of delivering just that.

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