A white paper that kicked off a PR campaign for Aplus.Net in 2006

The art of public relations combines the goals of marketing and advertising with the style and professionalism of journalism. What’s that mean? A press release must be written in an unbiased tone and presented as news — yet its goal is to enhance brand awareness, support a marketing plan or campaign, and/or drive sales.

In addition to a six-month freelance engagement writing for a Los Angeles-based PR firm (Productivity, Inc.), where I created all press material for consumer and trade publications and media outlets, I’ve also been responsible for the PR efforts for a number of corporate clients, such as Aplus.Net and Affiliate Media. Below please find some highlights of that work.

Business Announcements / Acquisitions

Product Announcements / Sales / Promotions

A press release for in 2009

Trade Show Promotions

White Papers / PR & Editorial Campaigns

In 2006, I wrote a white paper for Aplus.Net Internet Services on the topic of shifting consumer trends. With that white paper, our team kicked off a PR and editorial campaign that included several editorials written for industry publications, such as the one I wrote for, as listed below. Also included is a profile in the Kansas City Business Journal for Aplus.Net that resulted from my PR efforts.

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