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An article on SEO and social media I wrote for Affiliate Media

In online content, the name of the game is SEO (search engine optimization). What’s it mean? SEO writing is the art (and science) of creating and presenting content in such a way that it’ll rank at the top of Google’s search results.

Good SEO means more people find your site. And that means you get more traffic and, ideally, more ad revenue, too.

I’ve been studying SEO writing for the web since 2006, when I began working for, where I served as marketing writer for two years. There, my task was to make sure that people who searched for “business hosting” arrived at, and people who searched for “dedicated servers” arrived at the dedicated server page … you get the idea.

I’ve since perfected the craft of effective SEO writing with many other professional clients; now, I’m at the level where I now publish articles helping to educate others on the finer points of SEO writing. Circle of life, baby.

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